Celebrate 10 years with us! 

October 1, the beginning of the tenth month of the year, marks our tenth anniversary! Help us raise $10,000 for each of our programs and ensure a successful start to our next 10 years. 

In 2007 we set out to rethink community development. Since then, we have transformed one of Denver's most economically marginalized neighborhoods, Westwood, into a thriving resilient community. How? By increasing access to healthy food through our programs. 

Re:Farm, our flagship program, seeks to cultivate food systems thru our backyard garden program. To date we have helped more than 600 families in the community grow more than 100,000 pounds of fresh produce. Our next step is to be able to increase food security year-round by building a greenhouse. Not only will our greenhouse allow us to grow food year-round, it will allow us to launch an apprenticeship program for area youth. Having a greenhouse will give us a much needed head start on growing seedlings that will be used in backyard gardens and allow us to grow more seedlings for families in the neighborhood. The greenhouse will also provide the community with unique volunteer opportunities year-round, as well as competitively priced seedlings that can be purchased by community members who are not members of the Re:Farm program.


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